OUR Philosophy

Every time you try something new there is a new kind of energy flowing through your body. You start to see things from a new perspective. You get new inspiration and fresh ideas. Instead of saying ‘’no’’ to everything that’s new you start to say ‘’why not?’’.



Dancing is a way to find yourself and lose yourself at the same time. To move and to get to know your body in different ways. Dancing balances your feminine and masculine energies and helps you release pinned up emotions. It’s a fun way to tone up your body, mind and soul.



You cannot control what goes on outside, but you can control what goes on inside. Being present in the here and now through our Mind & Soul classes can help you balance your emotions. It creates space for the best part of yourself to come forth. These techniques help you to have greater inner peace, less judging thoughts, less anger and less stress. In addition our variety of Yoga styles provide you with a great workout.



It’s not superficial to think that your body should be well taken care of. Our strength & conditioning classes will provide you with a more intense workout that help you build a body you feel confident in. How you work out is how you feel in your daily life. Strengthening your body and mind will help you become a stronger person. Overcoming challenges in the gym will help you overcome challenges with your day to day obstacles. The energy you release during these classes helps you unblock your mind and will leave you with a positive feeling.



There are things we don’t make enough time for and that’s why we created ALPHA Specials classes. The idea of these classes is to connect to the people and environment around us and implement more fun into our lives. We want to bring people together in order to share and spread good energy.



Our personal consultations give extra attention to a person’s specific needs. We created these in order to share our knowledge and change people’s lifestyles. We specialize in  bodybuilding, weight loss, athletes, self-esteem challenges, performance psychology, personalized nutrition, stress management and traveling. We are also able to provide you with a customized language experience during your consultations, where you can practise English, Spanish, German, Norwegian, Swedish or Finnish.


New Kind of Fitness Bootcamp

The Alpha Bootcamp lasts anywhere from 1-4 weeks. It is designed to help you reset your body, mind and soul. It’s a wake up call, your start to change your lifestyle. We created this bootcamp for people to get new inspiration, a fresh start and to experience a new way of life. We guarantee you that you will leave the bootcamp with a transformed mindset and a fitter body.


What’s included:

  • Goal setting session

  • Access to 3 different classes of choice/week

  • 2 Personal training sessions/week

  • Personalized nutrition plan

  • Personalized attitude and stress management guide

  • Personalized workout plan for after the bootcamp



  • 160.000COP/week

  • 300.000COP/2 weeks

  • 450.000COP/3 weeks

  • 590.000COP/4 weeks



    Hey, I am Charlotte Thibault

    I was born in Finland and I am also half german. My biggest passion is optimizing my level of happiness every single day and I do that through incoperating all things that excite me into my life. I tweak my high on life feeling through adding all kinds of movement into my life, such as playing soccer, dancing, lifting weights, yoga & Meditation. I also love writing, singing, socializing, trying new restaurants and expressing my creativity. I completed my bachelor’s degree in personal training in the US in 2014 and haven’t stopped working with people towards a more fulfilled version of themselves ever since. I moved to Medellin in 2015, fell in love with this city and now we are starting a gym in the heart of Poblado.  

    • Bachelor degree in Personal Training
    • Personal training (VA, USA) 
    • Business (VA, USA) 
    • Licensed personal trainer
    • Licensed Zumba teacher  

    Hi, I am Andreas Afseth

    from Lillehammer, Norway. As a former soccer player, soccer coach, personal trainer and sport science teacher my life has always been about physical activity. I love it. Music, dancing and skiing are also things that I am really passionate about. I am a curious and social human being, so I am always interested in trying new types of movements and meeting new people. I came to Colombia in 2015, and ended up working in a small town outside of Medellin. My experiences made me see the beauty of this country, and when the opportunity came I was sure that Alpha was going to be a reality. Now I want to use my experience and education to make sure that people enjoy moving, and at the same time make them see the value of it. 

    • Sport Science Internship (Cape Town, SA) 
    • Bachelor degree in Sport Science (HiSF, NO) 
    • Pedagogy (Norwegian School of Sport Science) 
    • Sociology (Norwegian School of Theology) 
    • UEFA C-licensed Soccer coach
    • Personal Trainer